Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So my sister in law just put a studio in her house, so here are some of the pictures she did a great job I loved all of them I didn't know which ones to post so if your interested you can check her website out at studioposhtots

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American Idol

We got to go to American Idol this year, we had a blast with Sommer and Dusty, It was a great concert and so Loud. David Archelta has an amazing voice, I really like David cook to he is a great performer.

I didn't get very many Powell pictures we headed right to Powell form Scofield, the kids had a great time, Avery was a little fish and Boston loved the rocks, I pretty much held Macoy the whole time so he wouldn't head for the water, he loved swimming.

Scofield Days

We always go to Scofield for the 4th it is so much fun its a getto town but comes alive only on the 4th, we do the parade which lasts 30 minutes and the kids go away with bags of candy, they have little shops set up, yummy spagetti dinner, pancake breakfast, raffle drawings, and snow cones yummy, My Grandpa grew up there.
Grandpa, maHelsten

Derrick's Family

Kacen, Kendra, Avery Heslop Fam

Boston and of Course in the Vroom Vroom Grandma, Mom, JIll, Mandy, Shelly, Stacy, & Spang (angie)
Not sure what we are doing but look how cute my Grandma is
The BOys Jarom, Bryan, & Derrick