Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas party

We had such a wonderful christmas this year, we usually sleep at my moms but this year we decided to stay home the kids are gettting older and we bring lots of craziness to my parents. Ave new exactly what was going on this year, she was so excited! My little Mermaid
Avery was such a good help, she opened most of Bostons gifts it was cute she would try to show him how to open the present but get to impatient.

Our Family christams party my Mom is so cute she had a yummy dinner and my Dad loves to do the games and hand out money when we win . They had ginger bread houses for the kids to decorate but I think the adults had a better time making them.
Boston just ate all the candy
Jarom and I
Boston found the button that plays music he was so darling he would dance in circle and just laugh Oh we sure do love that little boy!
Macoy just loved eating the paper.