Sunday, September 7, 2008

Washington Vacation

Washington Vacation we had so much fun Jaren and Nicolle invited us to go with them to her home town, it was a 11 hour drive in the car but the kids did so good. If you want to relax then you need to go to Nicolles parents house her parents taught me some new cooking tips, we had yummy fish which Jarom and I don't usually like her Dad knows how to season it perfectly so you don't get that fishy taste. We picked fresh raspberries every morning, green peppers, tomatoes you name it they had every fruit and vegetables you would want which I could live on.
We went to the fair which is way better than summer fest, and then went to the demolition Dur by, we had a day of helping organize her Moms kitchen and of course did a little hair, the kids played on a big blow up tramp, and the boys could sit and watch the Olympics while they tried to work. So much fun thanks for the great trip Jaren and Nicolle.

Our kids love ice cream they all like the swirl Macoy loves the cone with a little ice cream.

Avery loves having a little ice cream with a spoon and then eating the cone after.
Boston would perfer no cone with icecream in a cup with a spoon. Sorry Boston you can see he had eaten all the icecream and was trying to take off the wrapper but never eats the cone.

And kennedy was just so excited she got to have her own cone and hold it herself, look at that smile.

They loved the animals they just wanted to pet them.