Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Cruise

So I think this was one of my Favorite trips I have ever been on especially to go with my whole family and no kids, we were able to meet up with Shelly and Brian in Texas and then off to Cozumel and Progresso, and a few days at sea we made so many fun memories. 

This was the Formal night which happen to be on my birthday, everyone dressed up for me hehe.. They sang and we went to a little show that night.  

The Girls trying to be silly Angie, Me, Stacy, Mom, Mandy, and Shelly
Oh and I had to take a picture of the yummy food, I have never liked fish so I thought I would branch out and try it a few of the night and guess what it was so so yummy, I'm going to try to learn how to cook fish I know its so good for you so if anyone has any special tricks let me know.  The food on the cruise is always the best you can eat just about anything and whenever you want I think the yogurt ice cream was my favorite, and if you don't like it just order something else.
Oh and Jarom loves loves Pinacoladas our bill wasn't as high as the last cruise when him and Dusty watched 24 and order a million, so he had to limit himself and only spent $35 which was good they are $6  a piece that's even with no Alcohol. 
My cute Parents
We spent most nights in the Blue Safari being entertained with comedians, Dancers, Game shows, Bingo.
The work out room my Dad has probably never worked out in a gym so he was having lots of fun trying all the equipment out.
Brian was on the Game show he was so funny you had to run up and scream I'm so excited to be on the show he ran as fast as he could and totally ate it when he got to the stairs, everyone else thought he was serious but little did they know it was a joke haha..
Silly girls Maria and Spange
Yes we even Danced
and guess who won Jarom he won a bottle of wine oh were we so excited we don't drink so of course we gave it away but we did come away will a plastic trophy. yippee 
This was a Blast we rented scooters and rode around Progresso
Me, Shelly and Mandy
The second we got off the ship we were crowded with people wanting us to buy things and get massages, so we were talked into it, it did feel pretty good $15 an hour can't beat that.  So I think for a big family a cruise is the way to go everyone can do there own thing you don't need to decide where to eat, you just need to decide what fun entertainment you want to be apart of.   I love being with my family everyone gets along so well I feel so blessed. I did miss my kiddies but they were well taken care of by Dan and Dallas thanks guys. My sister Shelly added lots more pictures if you want to look at her blog