Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas parties

My 2 Favorite parties I look forward to during the Christmas Season 

1st in the Johnson/Helsten christmas eve party which we did a day early and worked out so much better that way everyone was able to make it besides Shelly's and Barrett's Family.  We had the famous Reuben Sandwichs, we started a new tradition this year its who ever can find the ugliest sweater.  You decide who wins
Angie, Stacy, Boston, & Taylor

Uncle Jerry he went with the Hat
Mandy & Derrick (My Mom made Derricks out of a plastic table cloth)
My aunt Pam loves Jarom 
Stephanie & Heidi
Jake and Savanha were just sitting like this without even posing pretty cute.
My Mom & her sister Sheri
We had a great time playing out baby Jesus Birth which always brings such a great christmas spirit to the parties.
Avery, Kendra, Kacen, Hallie, Dax
It wouldn't be the same party if Haley didn't sing she has such an amazing voice. What I would do to have talent like that.  Then we had my uncle Jerry give us a spiritual thought which I really enjoyed this year he asked us what we thought the light of Christ is, we broke off in groups and then shared what we came up with, it was so great to see that as we center our lifes around christ our light will shine, he then went on to express his feeling of how he has felt the light of christ in each one of us, and challenged us to find the light in others, it has been so good for me as I look at other and find the light within them I find that those around me have so much of Christ's light.
This is my other Favorite Party The Helsten Party with lots of games, dinner, gifts and new memories. This bike was actually for Macoy but Boston would not get off it, it was so funny Macoy would try to push him off, but he wasn't going to give it up.
The Race Track was for Boston both Boston and Kacen got one they loved it, the other night I thought Boston was asleep but went down to find him up 2 hours later playing race cars sillly little Boy.

Avery & Kendra were so excited to get twin Babies.

Look at this we were playing Bingo and all the boys thought they would help Grandpa Doug call off the numbers.
Mandy, Me, Angie, Stacy, Mom, & Look Shelly on the web camera we sure missed you this year.
Me and my Honey
The new game this year Marshmellow Guns this was a blast, Boston & Stacy
Oh how wet and slimy these marshmellows were they wouldn't even come out after Macoy got done with them.