Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day, it just makes these cold days a little more fun.

My kids were in need of church clothes so they each got an outfit, Avery has a mind of her own though and wants me to take it back she only will wear what she picks out so I tried, I just have to take her shopping with me and let her decide she is so silly.

The whole week of Valentines day we try to do as many heart shape foods as possible and my kids love it, we did heart waffles, bananas, sandwichs, cheese, jello jigglers, muffins, and lots of pink drinks, my kids just love it and I think I enjoy just making it.
Avery set the table for our family night valentines day dinner and had name tags on everyones spot, it was so cute..

Avery turned 6 crazy she is getting so big we took a few girls to classic skating and had a blast!!!