Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boston turned 2

Boston is 2 and is the sweetest little boy, he is my tender hearted child, he will give out hugs and kisses, he gets his feelings hurt really easy and is so sad when he makes me upset, he is so helpful he follows me around the house and wants to help clean, but he probably enjoys his juice and the broom broom the very most and his daddy, the second he wakes up in the morning its get dressed and outside so he can ride his bike, he is always asking when daddys going to be home so he can take him on a broom broom ride (motorcycle). He can get out of his crib and that has been hard he has always been my best sleeper but things have changed, its a challenge to get him to stay in, I have to always keep the front door he can open the door and just go outside scary I live on a pretty busy street. We sure love youi Bosotn Happy Birthday!
He loves shoes usually he is wearing his own not Averys.
For his birthday he got a 4 wheeler he loves it and is getting so good and making it turn and not run into the walls


So my little Macoy turned 1 where has the time gone, he is so dang cute, he has been such a joy in our family he is always so so happy, he just melts my heart with that smile of his. He is starting to stand on his own but not quit walking, his first word was ball, he loves balls he is always caring them around and has a pretty good arm. He has 2 bottom teeth and braking through the top four right now, he takes 2 naps a day and loves to eat. Avery still drags him around and of course still dressing him up, he is so used to it he really doesn't mind, Boston and him just laugh at each other they are going to be such good buddies, he is learning how to throw a fit oh no.. We sure do love him
We took the kids bowling for his birthday they loved it.

Destroying the Cake

I made a building Block Cake for Macoy for his 1st birthday He was not shy at all he could see the cake coming and was so excited to get his little fingers in it.

He played and played with the cake and ate a lot

Avery and Boston thought it looked like so much fun they had to dig in themselves.