Sunday, November 29, 2009

I have not been a good blogger so I thought I would at least post a few pictures from Halloween, It was so much fun this year both boys wanted to be Spider Man and its now a month and a half later and Boston is still wearing this costume, we have tried to hide it but he will just ask and ask until we find it. So what do you do but let him enjoy it he is only young once and its really cute to see him take it on and off he is so good at it. Sorry really cheesy but Avery took the picture.
Peter Parker Pider Man is what he says
Spider Man ( He really thinks hes the real thing) I love it. him and Macoy throw webs all day

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We were able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house we are so truly blessed to be so close to so many temples, it is of course another beautiful temple that has such a peaceful feeling inside. We went with the Helsten girls, Elder girls and my 3 little kiddos. Good thing everyone was there to pass kids around they loved it, couldn't have done it alone.
Then they serve a little cookie and water what a great idea, as you can see they were just about done.

Mom, Angie, Stacy, Rylie, Jessie, Carlie, Avery, Barb, Me, Macoy and Boston.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer fun

We got a little blow up pool and did my kids love this, they had already been out all day long with the whole neighborhood over, then  they took naps, and went in for a second time, Boston has his shirt on and Macoy has no clothes on, silly kids this is what I came out side to.  It wasn't the nicest day bout luckly I have a hot water tap and they were in Heaven.

Look in the background I have never had a garden so Im attempting to grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash and a little herbs we will see how it goes I love love fresh vegtables
Lacey Dastrup my sister in law took some pictures for us so while we were waiting I took a few, my boys loved the ducks.  So I will post when I get the real pictures..
These 2 little guys get a long really well Boston in always so sweet to him.

And my sweet little girl she can be so sweet at times and so hard at times but I love her.
I have had Avery and Boston in  a summer school on M,W for a few hours, its just fun activities Boston feels so big he was so excited the first day the 2nd day he cried for a bit then had a blast they have came home with all kinds of fun things I love it I wish I could do this every month.  This day was pirates day they had a treasure hunt, got pirate tattos and of course little treasures for there treasure boxes that they decorated.  The best part is I get Macoy one on one which never happens but poor little guy I have just dragged him around its so easy to take 1 to the grocery store.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Cruise

So I think this was one of my Favorite trips I have ever been on especially to go with my whole family and no kids, we were able to meet up with Shelly and Brian in Texas and then off to Cozumel and Progresso, and a few days at sea we made so many fun memories. 

This was the Formal night which happen to be on my birthday, everyone dressed up for me hehe.. They sang and we went to a little show that night.  

The Girls trying to be silly Angie, Me, Stacy, Mom, Mandy, and Shelly
Oh and I had to take a picture of the yummy food, I have never liked fish so I thought I would branch out and try it a few of the night and guess what it was so so yummy, I'm going to try to learn how to cook fish I know its so good for you so if anyone has any special tricks let me know.  The food on the cruise is always the best you can eat just about anything and whenever you want I think the yogurt ice cream was my favorite, and if you don't like it just order something else.
Oh and Jarom loves loves Pinacoladas our bill wasn't as high as the last cruise when him and Dusty watched 24 and order a million, so he had to limit himself and only spent $35 which was good they are $6  a piece that's even with no Alcohol. 
My cute Parents
We spent most nights in the Blue Safari being entertained with comedians, Dancers, Game shows, Bingo.
The work out room my Dad has probably never worked out in a gym so he was having lots of fun trying all the equipment out.
Brian was on the Game show he was so funny you had to run up and scream I'm so excited to be on the show he ran as fast as he could and totally ate it when he got to the stairs, everyone else thought he was serious but little did they know it was a joke haha..
Silly girls Maria and Spange
Yes we even Danced
and guess who won Jarom he won a bottle of wine oh were we so excited we don't drink so of course we gave it away but we did come away will a plastic trophy. yippee 
This was a Blast we rented scooters and rode around Progresso
Me, Shelly and Mandy
The second we got off the ship we were crowded with people wanting us to buy things and get massages, so we were talked into it, it did feel pretty good $15 an hour can't beat that.  So I think for a big family a cruise is the way to go everyone can do there own thing you don't need to decide where to eat, you just need to decide what fun entertainment you want to be apart of.   I love being with my family everyone gets along so well I feel so blessed. I did miss my kiddies but they were well taken care of by Dan and Dallas thanks guys. My sister Shelly added lots more pictures if you want to look at her blog

Friday, February 20, 2009

Avery turned 5

Avery turned 5

My Sweet little princess turned 5 last week I'm not sure what I think about that she has been such a joy in our life's definitely a challenge at times but worth ever minute. There are so many things I love about her:

#1 She has turned into the best organizer, she will be in her room for hours rearranging her clothes, dresser, she has brought her favorite toys in, she has a little table that she puts different blanket on for the table cloth and sets out food at each spot, and of course has a vase with flowers in the middle, I have had to let her just do it even though I want to go in her room and put everything away, but I figure it is so cute that she takes the time to set everything up exactly how she wants.
#2 She has started putting all her clean clothes away on hangers and will put them in the exact spot that short sleeve go, dresses, pants etc its so cute.
#3 She absolutely loves her Dog she has been his little mother she takes him potty, feeds him, takes him on walks and I love to see her praise him when he goes potty on the mat she gets so excited she has to come get me and tell me how good he did. 
#4 I love to see her in the morning when she comes up with her hair all crazy and has a big smile on her face, she used to go get Macoy out every morning but now its the dog.
#5 She love to do crafts and color pictures
#6 She loves playing with cousins and friends
#7 She is such a good help with the boys, she knows exactly what they need and helps them get dressed and feed
#8 She has been so excited that she can read a few words, but if I don't get her at the perfect time to work on homework don't count on it getting done she will make up excuse after excuse why she doesn't need to work on it.
#9 I have learned that I don't get her ready for school or church until its really close to the time we need to leave if I get her ready in advance she will have changed 10 times before we leave and her hair in completely ruined.  I'm not kidding when I'm loading in the car she will run in her room to get something and I'm saying lets go.... and what is she doing changing agggggain I even try to buy her outfits that go together so at least they match but that doesn't do the trick she is very creative and loves clothes.  
#10 She is such a sweet little girl, and has loved taking gymnastics
For her birthday the only thing she wanted was for me to take her shopping to get new clothes so funny but that's what we did and had a blast we made sure she tried them on and fit perfect before we bought them.  We sure love her.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas parties

My 2 Favorite parties I look forward to during the Christmas Season 

1st in the Johnson/Helsten christmas eve party which we did a day early and worked out so much better that way everyone was able to make it besides Shelly's and Barrett's Family.  We had the famous Reuben Sandwichs, we started a new tradition this year its who ever can find the ugliest sweater.  You decide who wins
Angie, Stacy, Boston, & Taylor

Uncle Jerry he went with the Hat
Mandy & Derrick (My Mom made Derricks out of a plastic table cloth)
My aunt Pam loves Jarom 
Stephanie & Heidi
Jake and Savanha were just sitting like this without even posing pretty cute.
My Mom & her sister Sheri
We had a great time playing out baby Jesus Birth which always brings such a great christmas spirit to the parties.
Avery, Kendra, Kacen, Hallie, Dax
It wouldn't be the same party if Haley didn't sing she has such an amazing voice. What I would do to have talent like that.  Then we had my uncle Jerry give us a spiritual thought which I really enjoyed this year he asked us what we thought the light of Christ is, we broke off in groups and then shared what we came up with, it was so great to see that as we center our lifes around christ our light will shine, he then went on to express his feeling of how he has felt the light of christ in each one of us, and challenged us to find the light in others, it has been so good for me as I look at other and find the light within them I find that those around me have so much of Christ's light.
This is my other Favorite Party The Helsten Party with lots of games, dinner, gifts and new memories. This bike was actually for Macoy but Boston would not get off it, it was so funny Macoy would try to push him off, but he wasn't going to give it up.
The Race Track was for Boston both Boston and Kacen got one they loved it, the other night I thought Boston was asleep but went down to find him up 2 hours later playing race cars sillly little Boy.

Avery & Kendra were so excited to get twin Babies.

Look at this we were playing Bingo and all the boys thought they would help Grandpa Doug call off the numbers.
Mandy, Me, Angie, Stacy, Mom, & Look Shelly on the web camera we sure missed you this year.
Me and my Honey
The new game this year Marshmellow Guns this was a blast, Boston & Stacy
Oh how wet and slimy these marshmellows were they wouldn't even come out after Macoy got done with them.