Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Avery's Birthday Party

For Avery's Birthday we went and had there nails and hair done it was so fun and they sure felt like princesses. I sure love having a little girl she gets more fun every day.


Savanna was so cute she told her exactly what she wanted, she wanted it straight with the ends curled up and a little braid in the front with a bobby pin in her bangs Meg sat so still and has amazing hair, she wanted it curled with her bow back in.
Look how cute these little girls are couldn't get a picture with all of them looking
Oh and don't forget the nails and toes they had sparkles and a different color for both.

We went out to lunch I said choose anywhere you want to go and Savanna only wanted Carl's Jr. so thats where we went they played and had a good time, it was a little to crowded for me. I didn't want to take the gifts in so we opened them in the car thanks for the tea party and Brat's dress make-up doll Avery has loved playing with them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

So this was the best girft Jarom could have given me Im just not into Flowers there really pretty but yes I would rather have the money. Jar wrote me one of those candy bar letters it was so cute he had to think really hard he did a really good job. I sure love being married to him he is always trying his best to make me happy. We went out to dinner, movie and spent time talking about when we first were dating instead of talking about kids and bills it was great to remember the days of dating life. The kids and I went to his office and decorated his desk with hearts and love notes, Avery thought it was great being sneaky and Boston just sat and ate all the candy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been tagged

What do you keep in your purse?
So I'm in betweeen purses right now I have had the same one for to long, I usually just carry a daiper bag with my wallet. And have a little purse I can transfer into quickly but that one needs to go. This is what I carry with me a phone, coupon book, check book, lip stuff and planer
Which one should I keep I could do the bigger one that would carry kid stuff to or the smaller one for when its just me which one is cuter?

Im tagging: Angie, Stephanie, Heidi, Shelly, Jenny C

Happy Birthday Avery!

My Litlle girl turned 4 today I can't believe it she is getting so big and Im feeling so old. I love her so much what a blessing she is to our family she brings us so much joy and happiness. I have to say I had the best day on Monday with her I forget how good she really is when its one on one with her she is always sharing attentions with the boys. I got a babysitter for the boys she came to work with me for a few hours at the salon and didn't makea a peep she just organized the
fingernail polish and washed the mirrors. Afterward we were off shopping for some new clothes at 4 you would think it would still be toys or dolls but its clothes and its a lot easier for me to take her to pick her own clothes out so Im not returning later. We hit the 40% off at old Navy and the mall she loved it. She didn't want to go home. I sure love having a little girl.
All Ready for church

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The fun days at the Dastrups

No this is not averys dress its actually mine she is on to my clothes she lets me know what look good. The other day she helped me pack it was so cute she made sure I had a necklace and shoes to match ever outfit. She is so much fun! Boston is such a good help he is always wanting Macoy to play he thinks its really cool when he can take Macoy on a broom broom ride.
And they love playdough its not my favorite thing, its so messy. Boston pulls little pieces off and loves to throw it on the ground. But its fun to watch them use there imaginations and try to make things.