Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Nephew

Shelly had her baby, he is so cute he weighed 9lbs 3oz he was a big baby, named him Chad Cory Heslop after my brother that passed away isn't that so sweet. Shelly said he is such a good baby just sleeps Landon her first was a fussy baby so this is so wonderful for her. Hes a good mix I would say he has Shellys eyes for sure.


Jarom has been wanting to shave his head forever, he told Avery she could cut it she was so excited, just hope she doesn't get any ideas and cut her brothers. On Saturday we went up to Jaroms paretns Ranch packed a lunch and rode 4 wheelers with just our little famiy. The kids loved it, we haven't had a fun little family outing for a while.

Boston sat in Jaroms lap and thoght he was the one driving.

I just packed Macoy in this little sling it worked great, he even fell asleep.


Well i don't blog Journal very much, but I thought I would tell you what I have been trying to do latley, I have been trying to put a side my to do list which is hard for me to do, (because there is always one more thing that needs to get done) and give my full attention to my kids for a few hours after lunch before naps and either go somewhere, color, or be outside, and I have to say that my kids have been so much better and I have loved focusing on just them and watching there little personalities. They are small for only so long and I need to enjoy them, plus thats my calling in life right know is to be a Mom and they are growing up so fast. I sure do love them and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. The Bonus is they are worn out and all go down for naps I even put Avery back on naps and we are all happier.

My little girl and Yes still wearing my clothes... Macoy loves being in this little car and being pushed around.

My little Boston is the sweetest thing ever, he just loves being outside its so hard when its cold, he just gets so bored. I have been wondering if he's is going to start talking soon he still doesn't say to much but he understands everything you say. We sure love him.
Look at me Im getting really brave I can even stand up....