Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patricks Day

My family tradition growing up my Mom always made green breakfast so I had to carry that on. It was really fun we had waffles, eggs, homemade syrup, and green orange julius, the kids thought it was great especaiily Macoy he hasn't really had anything but baby food, we gave him a waffle he ate the whole thing. I love famiy traditions I think every one should do them.

Dress up days

Well Jarom would not love me to put this on but I had to this is what happens when Avery has you for her brother she thinks that they are her little dolls she must need a sister. Poor little boys this is daily I tell her boys don't wear girl clothes, she says mom they wanted to wear it, or I wanted them to match me.

Who is the Best Princess?

Avery even did make-up oh my!
Swim suit day
My little ballerina
Oh you have to say he makes a beautiful Mickey mouse doll he can even pose.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Birthday

For my birthday we went to the Jazz game, with Heather and Kacey Nelson which was really fun. It was funny I had gone to the bathroom during half time and came out and couldn't find anyone, I thought they left me but as I was looking around there Jarom was behind the Red Mango ice cream helping serve. ( If you haven't tried red mango yet you need to 70 calories and no fat its so so good). Jarom is really good friends with the people that own it, the line was so long so he thought he would just help, and look what he was wearing he fit in perfect, we all got free icecream so worth it. I'm just getting to old and thanks Mom she had my kids asleep and the house picked up when I got home I have the best Mom ever...

Days out

I'm so ready for it to be warm.. We have been trying a few new places and I think the kids have had a great time getting out. We went to the living Aquarium and had a great time. Im not sure what Boston was looking at but he must have really thought it was cool. Canyon (Carrie's little guy), Kendra, Kennedy, Avery, and Kacen
Kangaroo zoo was really fun for the kids, Avery loves getting together with her cousins

Landon and Macoy, I'm not sure when they stop putting everything in there mouth and Macoy mouth is a fauset, I change his shirt a few times a day plus bibs and not just when he's teething.