Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Finally a nice Saturday, I was in heaven being outside working on the yard Jarom actually helped rake leafs and clean up the back yard (Jarom just really doesn't like yard work) then there is me that thinks its a great family activity to do together I love it if he is helping, but can't stand doing all by myself. The kids just rode there bikes and threw rocks in the pond for hours, Boston just absolutely loves being outside on a vroom vroom, the second he wakes up in the morning he is saying vroom vroom, and won't do anything else until he gets to go outside. Why can't this weather just stay warm we are getting so antsy.

The kids thought the helmets were so cool!!


I had to put this picture in for my cute Mom, do you see her hand in Macoys mouth she is the best at checking to see if her grandchildren have any new teeth she always seem to find them before I do. Its great Love you Mom

Family night fun

For family night I couldn't think of what to do so I pulled out the Mary and Joseph dress ups that Jaroms Mom made.. I think this was one of the best family nights, Boston was a wise man, Avery was Mary, Jarom was Joseph, Macoy was Baby Jesus and I was an Angel we talked about the new star and colored and cut out lots of star, and I told them evertime they do something Jesus would want them to do I would hang up a star. For the next few days we had to dress up and trade off outfits, its amazing what young children learn and remember. We have tried really hard this year to stick to every Monday night it really pays off when Avery thinks we need to have family night every night before bed it is so sweet. She likes to be the one to give the lesson.