Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer fun

We got a little blow up pool and did my kids love this, they had already been out all day long with the whole neighborhood over, then  they took naps, and went in for a second time, Boston has his shirt on and Macoy has no clothes on, silly kids this is what I came out side to.  It wasn't the nicest day bout luckly I have a hot water tap and they were in Heaven.

Look in the background I have never had a garden so Im attempting to grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash and a little herbs we will see how it goes I love love fresh vegtables
Lacey Dastrup my sister in law took some pictures for us so while we were waiting I took a few, my boys loved the ducks.  So I will post when I get the real pictures..
These 2 little guys get a long really well Boston in always so sweet to him.

And my sweet little girl she can be so sweet at times and so hard at times but I love her.
I have had Avery and Boston in  a summer school on M,W for a few hours, its just fun activities Boston feels so big he was so excited the first day the 2nd day he cried for a bit then had a blast they have came home with all kinds of fun things I love it I wish I could do this every month.  This day was pirates day they had a treasure hunt, got pirate tattos and of course little treasures for there treasure boxes that they decorated.  The best part is I get Macoy one on one which never happens but poor little guy I have just dragged him around its so easy to take 1 to the grocery store.