Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great thanksgiving started with the boys going shooting which is such a fun tradition then we went to the Johnson's house for a yummy dinner, and then hopped in the car and headed to Moab with my Family it was a blast, we could take all the kids on the Rhino (4 wheeler) and they loved it.My cute Mom stayed back in the Condo with Little Macoy.
Boston was in Heaven the whole time he can't get a enough of a broom broom....

Mandy, Angie, Derrick and the kids in the back
This is my Dad in his Jeep he is still a little boy he loves all the scary stuff and is not scared at all him and Stacy were in the Jeep.
All the Boys
The Girls
Look at my little Buddy he just loves his Dad he went shooting with Jarom thanksgiving morning and wouldn't leave his side
Jarom's Family
Chalet, Jarom
Haley, Dallas and her Friend

My DadJaren

Dad and Mom 
Macoy, Jarom

AveryGrandpa Grandma Greaves

My Aunt Pam, Jarom and her have a special Bond

My two cute Aunts Carol and Sheri
Me and my cutest cousin Heidi
Aunt Lisa and her Family
The Hosts of the Party Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sheri
The Jeanine, Shaylyn, Haley, BreAnn, Heidi the Cousins