Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthday Party

We were invited to Chances 2nd Birthday, it was the cutest birthday ever Sommer is the most creative person I know, she had little stations set up, building blocks, digging in the dirt, hammering nails, all the kids got tool belts with construction hats and cute bags full of tools so so cute.
Look at these rice crispy treats they were dump trucks.
This was the dessert pudding with brownies, and brownies with trucks was his cake.
This was the table that the kids sat at she had the rode with cones for the cups and truck plates, I don't know how she does it I don't even think that cute.
The girls building...

And then the kids went on a dump truck ride.
Boston and Chance didn't want to get out of the driver seat they thought they were really driving these two little boys love trucks and broom brooms...
Macoy just loves balls they had all the building stuff and look what he finds the basket full of balls in the play room I think I'm going to have a ball player and yes he shirt will never stay dry he still just cant keep that spit under control.


We have done some fun things this October we were invited to a kids Halloween Party the kids had a blast they had cookie decorating, kids parade, fishing pond, and pumpkin decorating, thanks for the invite.
Brynley and Kennedy

Boston the BatThe princesses

My little puppy Dog
All the Kiddies

We went to the vineyard pumpkin place with Averys school class it just happen to be a frezzing cold Day so we didn't stay to long so I took the kids back last week and they had a blast.

Avery's school Class
For Family night we made carmel apples I have never done them before, they were really yummy I hope to learn some few tricks so I can get better at them.

Crazy eyes...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cory Ray Helsten

So its been almost a year ago that my little brother Cory passed away, Its been hard at times but we were able to do his temple work this last week and how blessed I feel that we will be able to see him again someday, Im not sure if I would be able to get through this if I thought we could never see him again, it was such an amazing experience for me and my family. He always had a tender heart and would do anything for anyone thats what I loved about him most.

A new Niece

We had a baby shower for Dallas at my house look how cute she is....
Oaklee Bae VanSweden, isn't she so cute sje has lots of blonde hair the delivery went great Dan and Dallas are so excited to be new parents. I forget how tiny they are I was so lucky to baby sit for a few hours the other night I love the new baby stage when you can just cuddle them and they don't move.


We love getting together at the Dastrup Ranch, we always have so much fun we celebrated Chalet, Zoee, and Lacey B-day, the kids just run around get filthy dirty, the boys were shooting the bow, Poor Dan he is still wearing his cast.

Boston, Zoee, Skyler, Jaycee, Sunni, Avery, & Macoy loved collecting the used bow-n-arrows

Last Warm Days!

Down by Magelbeys fresh they have a cute Duck pond the kids loved it, Heather and her kids came a long it was so fun watching the kiddies run around, Avery and Brynlee collected all the ducks feathers, Avery thought it would be really fun to fill my pockets full of feathers.

Brynlee, Avery, Jet, Boston, Macoy in the back and I didn't get a picture of her baby paisley
The Boys thought eating the bread would be more fun than feeding the ducks.