Saturday, October 27, 2007


So I'm a slacker I was tagged a while ago but here it is

I have been tagged by Nicolle and Marissa!!!

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6. So I don't like to throw away food so I end up eating all the leftovers.

5. I can't make my mind up on anything I have to think about it forever.

4. I'm not a very good decorater

3. I never like to leave my house messy, I'm always running around picking up toys, clothes etc.. before I walk out the door.

2. I really enjoy cooking but I try to make everything healthy and it doesn't always taste good. (Jarom just eats it and tells me it's good) I know when he doesn't like it, he will just eat a tiny bit.

1. After I go grocery shopping I love to reorganize my pantry, or when I put laudry away I like to reorganize the closets. (Don't look though I never have enough time to keep them up) especially Avery closet if you new how many times she changes a day I would be doing every hour. So I gave up on hers.

Im tagging-Sara, Heidi, Jenny, Jessica,

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So if you don't know my husband yet, he loves hunting and I try to be the supportive wife and let him go. Once a year we get to go to scoilfield and hunt with the family (or should I say I stay in the trailor and cook food for the boys ). Its actully really fun to be with Jarom and the kids. It was really cold this year we bundled Boston up so tight that everytime he took a step he fell down it was the like the christmas movie.
The fun ended that Sunday morning when Jaroms parents showed up and gave us some really bad news, my Brother Cory Passed away that morning, Wow thats not the news anyone wants. Its been a tuff week but the familys hanging in there, we have had lots of love and support thanks to everyone.


So I think Macoy is my smiliest baby he will smile at anyone or maybe I just can't remember my days all blend together he is the sweetest little boy. I just want to squeeze and kiss him all day.

By the way he still sleeps in his swing during the day its the only way I can get him to sleep for more than an hour, I keep trying to put him in his bassenett but he just won't do it. At this point I will do whatever it takes to have a minute to get something done.


So I Love to have my boys match it might be kind of cheesee but I think there really cute. It seems like I can't get one picture with all the kids smiling or looking in the camera so this is the best I could do.

Family Lake Powell Trip

We had lots of fun in Lake Powell with the Jarom and I family's so nice to be able to all go together.

Jarom barried all the kids in the sand, they were having the time of there lifes
Avery, Zoee, Kendra, Haley and Macoy