Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my 2 little boys!!!

I think Im so blessed to have these 2 little boys they are the sweetest little ones I just love them so much. Macoy turned 3 on May 22 and Boston on June 20. They are the best little buddies, they play so well with each other. I just want to eat them up!!!
Boston trying to help Macoy swim.
They love cars or anything with a motor.

The 3 amigos Valentines of 2010
Boston 1yr and Macoy 3 weeks
Oh and they Love Love there Dad, the second he walks in the door they are all over him and want him to take them on the broom broom. (motorcycle)

Scofield Day at the jail
They love to paint!!!
Avery is the cutest sister to them she calls them the boys and is always dressing, tying them up, dressing like them, and they just love her.
Look at how cute they are they were racing there cars.
Christmas P.J.'s

Oh do they love to get in my Moms pantry and eat anything that has sugar!!!


Barb Elder said...

They are the cutest!!! Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...
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