Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Picture I never did Christmas card and I never update my blog but its time for new goals and it a new year I hope to post at least once a month. Boston 4 1/2
Avery almost 7
Macoy 3 1/2

I love that Im a Mom of 3 beautiful children and a wife to a sweet husband.
Family Pictures


Duncahoo said...

Super darling pics Jill! Good to see you updating. Miss seeing you atleast occationally, hope all is well!

Jodi said...

You have the cutest family Jill!! Love you guys!!

Shelly said...

Yeah for Jill! I love when you update your blog. It is good to keep in touch that way! Cute pictures! Some day we will get professional pictures!

Natali Thompson said...

Those are so cute Jill! You look gorgeous, like always, and those are the stinkin cutest kids ever!

Chance & Leslee Lundgren said...

You have such a beautiful family Jill!